Pre-Launch Support to AIF’s


  1.  Support and guidance with launching a fund.
  2.  Assistance in opening Fund bank accounts.
  3.  Introduction to the Lawyers, auditors, tax advisors, banks, and brokers.
  4. Assist your sales teams in effectively connecting and interacting with potential customers to enhance engagement

RTA Services

  • KYC Process

End to End Digital Onboarding

A smooth digital onboarding process is crucial for financial institutions to create a positive customer journey. With Validus Fintech, you can provide your clients with a frictionless onboarding experience that is hassle-free and seamless.

  1. Collection of New Purchase, Drawdown – Digital acceptance of all purchase, drawdown, redemption, switch, transfer requests in accordance with the Fund’s offering document.
  2. Cheque Management – Collecting and banking the investor cheques on timely basis
  3. Stamp Duty Administration – Paying the Stamp Duty on the transactions to the respective state governments
  4. Bank Reconciliation – Matching transactions that have been recorded internally against bank statements from Fund Houses to see if there are differences in the records and to correct any discrepancies
  5. Processing the transaction at Backoffice
  6. Transaction Endorsement – Units allotment as per the latest NAV of the respective Fund House
  7. Regulatory Reporting Support – FATCA, UBO, CRS
  8. Communicating to Investor – Confirmation of all purchase, drawdown, redemption, switch, transfer, and NCT transactions with investors.
  9. Record keeping – Maintaining an investor’s financial records and tracking each investor’s account balance based on their transactions
  10. Dividend Processing –
  11. MIS Reporting –
  • Transaction Reports – Daily Transaction Report, Unit Capital Report, Unit Holding Report

• NAV Reports

• Financial Reports

• Investment Reports

• Cash Management Reports


Investor Services

We at Validus Fintech understand that building strong relationships with investors is vital to the success of a fund. To support the same, we came up with a mobile application solution for Investors where they have an overview of their investment exposures and full look through customized dashboards of all their portfolios in one platform.

Distributor Services

We understand that distributors are the backbone of AIF industry in pooling the investors and maximising their wealth. Serving distributors in all the possible ways is significant, to render the services various services available to distributor such as knowledge resources, payment of commission on time, dashboards, digital onboarding/empanelment of distributor. 

  1. A personalized Mobile Application for distributors to raise the required transactions of investors
  2. Calculating and timely payment of commission to the distributors according to the capital raised.
  3. Reports such as Top 10 customers, Top Performing Funds, Top 10 Portfolios
  4. Number of applications (Raised/In Progress/Completed)
  5. Investor’s Status (On boarded/Approved/Rejected)
  6. Total Commitment Value vs Total Drawdown


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