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We are a Fintech Solutions Company with over 300 pooled man-years of expertise in Asset Servicing, Technology Solutions, and Business Process Management.

Alternative Investment Funds

Our services for Alternate Investment Funds

We offer end-to-end services for our AIF clients

  1. Fund administration
  2. Investor Relations
  3. Distributor care
  4. Reporting
  5. Insights
  6. Handoff flows for drawdown with predictive reporting

Why Validus?

We offer a slew of unique services that bring delight to your LPs and partners.

We deliver sophistication for your elite customers

  • We address inefficiencies arising right from the first contact with the investor
  • We have reimagined the investor journeys leveraging the latest digital ecosystem and India stack
  • We have completely revamped the way investors are onboarded, engaged, and supported
  • We have simplified onboarding with digital tools and offer continuous engagement and support
  • Our smart audio-visual statements crisply present the portfolio views, investor profiles, and many other preferences

We offer convenience your distributors have not felt before. 

  • We support your distributors with real-time business updates, commission statements, and a plethora of services to grow their asset base
  • We have created exclusive mobile apps for your investors, distributors, and team members

We offer business insights so you can close your deals in-flight 

  • We offer you end-to-end visibility of each investor journey and remove the guesswork and anxiety
  • With all these and more, you can leave the investor and distributor care to us and focus on your core fund growth and management
Alternative Investment Funds

Our Platform

We have developed a cutting-edge platform to help investment management companies address their perennial issues with scalability, sophistication, customer and partner experience, and more

  • We have built a cutting-edge platform that is endowed with several cutting-edge functionalities brought to you right on your smartphones.
  • Experience micro Reporting, context reporting, and analytics, self-help reporting with sales-focused insights
  • We have created an industry-first user experience, thereby providing your investor with a never before journey
  • We have reimagined the user experience with an eye towards delivering a more friendly and satisfying experience for the user

Experienced Team

Industry veterans and subject matter experts with a pooled expertise of over 300 man-years in the Fund Administration industry.

Meet our team

Benefits of choosing us

We address inefficiencies arising right from the first contact with the investor.

  • Give yourself a leading edge that can only dream about
  • Captivate the attention of your Prospective Clients, Investors, Distributors and Co-partners
  • Offer convenience your distributors have not felt before
  • We deliver sophistication for your elite customers
  • We offer business insights so you can close your deals in-flight

All from a single mobile app.

Focus on your alpha. We will manage from beta to omega.

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